Second Quarter 2016 BAM! Publishing Bestsellers

  Fresh Faith by Anna Meade Harris – $15.00 Fresh Faith is a devotional book for students heading off to college. Written from a mother’s heart, the book serves as a “field guide” for students in their first semester at college as they experience life on their own for the first time. In the book, local Birmingham author and mom, Anna Meade Harris discusses topics such as time management, money, temptation, loneliness, homesickness, friendships, and much more! Fresh Faith is a great Read More …

Georgia Williams-Fitzpatrick Writes a Memoir Chronicling Her Travels in Africa

International travel is a culturally eye opening experience that can aid one’s personal growth, but not everyone can afford it. Yet, for local Birmingham author Georgia Williams-Fitzpatrick as a college student in the 1960’s she had the opportunity not only to travel, but travel to places of her family’s origin. In her new book Returning to the Homeland: My Travels in Africa, Williams-Fitzpatrick shares her experience traveling for the Peace Corps and teaching in several African nations. Recently, we sat Read More …

BAM! Author Publishes Political Satire

Dr.  Eric Zabiegalski is one of BAM! Publishing’s newest authors. His book Why America Should Elect Donald Trump in 2016 jumped to number one of the BAM! Publishing Bestsellers List for March. Written as a political satire (Spoiler Alert: this book is completely blank) Dr. Zabiegalski intends for this book to make waves this Presidential election cycle. By asking thought provoking questions on the back cover of his book, Dr. Zabiegalski allows the reader to determine for themselves if the Read More …

Local Birmingham Poet Writes Poem about the EBM in Celebration of #PoetryMonth

In celebration of National Poetry Month, local Birmingham poet and bestselling author J. K. Faught wrote a short poem that describes the Espresso Book Machine in his own words. To honor Mr. Faught we have shared the poem below.   The Espresso Book Machine The Espresso Book Machine is an awesome thing, don’t you know it This is a futuristic self-publishing option for writers and poets. So, if you’ve golden dreams of your book being on shelves to be seen Read More …

First Quarter 2016 BAM! Publishing Bestsellers

  Why America Should Elect Donald Trump in 2016 – $12.99 We all know Trump the bombastic orator, Trump the tactician, Trump the amazing entrepreneur and businessman, and Trump the Machiavellian competitor, but where does he stand in the holy triad of Presidential qualities? This book directs your attention to the office of the presidency and this candidate’s qualifications in three critical presidential areas: that of the statesman, the diplomat, and the leader in order to answer the burning question Why Read More …

BAM! Publishing to Host Four Authors at the BPL Local Authors Expo

BAM! Publishing is proud to announce that this year’s Local Authors Expo, hosted by the Birmingham Public Library, will feature four local authors at its booth. The event is scheduled for Saturday February 20, 2016 at the main library branch in downtown Birmingham. At the BAM! Publishing booth this year will be local authors J.K. Faught, Heather Avello, Rose Burns, and Jerry Aldridge. Each of these authors displays the variety and creativity of local authors who self-publish through the Espresso Book Machine at BAM! Publishing.

Local Birmingham Authors Honor African-American History Month

In honor of African-American History Month, we would like to feature a few of our local African-American authors. Each of these books represent different genres of literature including poetry, memoir, short stories, and biography. These authors also display well the talent and creativity of their craft. Truly, all of them speak from the heart to tell a stories in their own unique way. We hope you enjoy learning more about the great books we have available through BAM! Publishing. Thank you for celebrating local authors with us!

Slay James Becomes a “Hero” at Birmingham Book Signing

On Saturday, November 21st, the Brookwood Village Books-A-Million in Birmingham hosted newly self-published author Slay James as he signed his brand new novel Hero, book one in a series he is writing called The Changelings Trilogy. The book is about a young man from rural Alabama who never thought he would be extraordinary, but whose world is suddenly changed when he is gifted with supernatural abilities–abilities that make him the hero he never thought he would be.

“Alabama Bomber Boys” Reminds Us to Never Forget the Significance of WWII

“…December 7, 1941—a date which will live in infamy—the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.” These words were spoken 74 years ago by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to Congress as he asked for a declaration of war. This would launch America into WWII, a conflict that was well under way on two fronts: Europe and the Pacific. It would also change the course of many young people’s lives as they would serve in one of America’s bloodiest wars. This is the subject of Dr. Donald E. Wilson’s bestselling book Alabama Bomber Boys: 70th Anniversary Memorial Edition (BAM! Publishing, 2015). The book specifically chronicles the war through the eyes of young men from Alabama who served in Europe in the Army’s Eighth Air Force (this unit is now the under the U.S. Air Force stationed in Louisiana). Recently, we sat down with Dr. Wilson to discuss his book and the significance of WWII in American history, as well as its importance for new generations.