A Conversation with Alabama Author and Poet, Joyce Ann Ashford

Today we’ll be speaking with Alabama author Joyce Ann Ashford. She is the author of two books that she self-published through BAM! Publishing, Damaged Goods: A Woman’s Memoir and Montage: A Collection of Stories and Poems. Ms. Ashford was born in Alabama, grew up in Illinois, and lived in France before coming back to Alabama in retirement. Her books, one prose and one poetry, tell a similar story using different ways of expression. Her poetry hints at political issues that are at the forefront of America today. Yet, her purpose is not to stir up a political debate, but allow others to see the world through her eyes.

5 Exciting New Books in Birmingham!

All five of these exciting new books are available exclusively through booksamillion.com! The Evolution of Crimson by Jerry Aldridge and Jessica Capp ($20.00) Historical Fiction: A young woman is profoundly influenced by Vivian Malone, the Integration of the University of Alabama, and the Civil Rights Movement.   Hero by Slay James ($16.99) Teen Fiction: The world is in need of a Hero! Sal never thought he would be extraordinary. He never thought he would ever be somebody. His life in Fairline, Alabama, was nothing Read More …

Young Ideas With Andy Young

Today we are sitting down with Andy Young, the author of Young Ideas. Mr. Young is a high school English teacher in Kennebunk, and the writer of several columns in such publications as The Falmouth Community Leader and The Portland Press Herald.

Q: Please, tell our readers something about your book.

A: Young Ideas consists of 70 different columns, none of which consists of more than 800 words. All of them have previously appeared in print in one of eight different Maine newspapers, several of which are, against all odds, still in business. I had about 450 essays to choose from, so hopefully I’ve selected judiciously. I’d like to think each one has some sort of value; they’re

Weird Old Book Spotlight- Edison’s Conquest of Mars

Post by: Robyn Spengler, EBM South Portland

We’ve had a Weird Old Book Sighting!

In this series, we talk about strange or interesting public domain titles which are available to print on the EBM. Whether you’ve heard of them or not, it’s a fair bet you’ll have a hard time tracking these books down through the usual channels. Of course, with the EBM, you can print even the most unusual books, and save yourself the trouble of hunting.

Today we will be looking at Edison’s Conquest of Mars by Garrett Putnam Serviss, published in

Local Poet Releases a Self-Published Collection of ‘Drama and Beauty’

If you were to meet J. K. Faught on the street you might not guess that he was a poet, but then again you might. Faught is generally a quiet and enigmatic man, a self-proclaimed chain pipe smoker, and is always donning his snap-brimmed driver’s cap, all of which is stereotypical of a poet, at least from years gone by. In typical poet fashion, Faught is not in it for the money. No, he simply loves words and phrases. Much Read More …