5 Exciting New Books in Birmingham!

All five of these exciting new books are available exclusively through booksamillion.com!

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The Evolution of Crimson by Jerry Aldridge and Jessica Capp ($20.00)

  • Historical Fiction: A young woman is profoundly influenced by Vivian Malone, the Integration of the University of Alabama, and the Civil Rights Movement.


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Hero by Slay James ($16.99)

  • Teen Fiction: The world is in need of a Hero! Sal never thought he would be extraordinary. He never thought he would ever be somebody. His life in Fairline, Alabama, was nothing more than just normal. But when suddenly gifted with supernatural abilities, Sal’s world changes forever. He must decide whether or not to use the powers gifted to him, and suffer the consequences that will result from his actions.


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Air Dogs by Rose Burns ($17.99)

  • Children’s Storybook: Bud comes from a long line of Air Dogs. At basic training, he meets Misty and Kelly. Together, they face the sergeant that can help them become the best, or scare them so badly that they run home.


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Miracles of God by Emily Persons McElhaney ($16.99)

  • Poetry: Our paths will grow brighter each day as we study, meditate on, and obey God’s inerrant Word. The Bible is God’s instruction book for us, His creation, to fashion our lives by and live the abundant life Christ Jesus came to give us. What glorious fellowship is ours when we take time to sit at the feet of Jesus! What miracles He will reveal to our hungry, seeking, and needy hearts!


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Broken Red by Heather Avello ($19.99)

  • Mystery Fiction: They said she was just being paranoid, but there’s a fine line between paranoia and knowing that they’re really out to get her…Teagan Kelly has spent her entire adult life trying to get away from her painful and chaotic childhood. But when her mother is brutally murdered in her quiet home town, Teagan immediately falls under suspicion, throwing her life and family into chaos again. While the investigation ensues, the truth begins to slowly take shape, leaving her with no way to know if the killer is trying to protect her… or targeting Teagan next.





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