Young Ideas With Andy Young

Today we are sitting down with Andy Young, the author of Young Ideas. Mr. Young is a high school English teacher in Kennebunk, and the writer of several columns in such publications as The Falmouth Community Leader and The Portland Press Herald.

Q: Please, tell our readers something about your book.

A: Young Ideas consists of 70 different columns, none of which consists of more than 800 words. All of them have previously appeared in print in one of eight different Maine newspapers, several of which are, against all odds, still in business. I had about 450 essays to choose from, so hopefully I’ve selected judiciously. I’d like to think each one has some sort of value; they’re

Weird Old Book Spotlight- Edison’s Conquest of Mars

Post by: Robyn Spengler, EBM South Portland

We’ve had a Weird Old Book Sighting!

In this series, we talk about strange or interesting public domain titles which are available to print on the EBM. Whether you’ve heard of them or not, it’s a fair bet you’ll have a hard time tracking these books down through the usual channels. Of course, with the EBM, you can print even the most unusual books, and save yourself the trouble of hunting.

Today we will be looking at Edison’s Conquest of Mars by Garrett Putnam Serviss, published in

A Conversation with Daniel C. Bryant, Author of Housecall

Today at South Portland Books-A-Million, we are having a chat with Daniel C. Bryant, Author of House Call and Other Stories.

Q: So, Mr. Bryant, could you tell us a little about your book?

A: It is a collection of short stories, some previously published in literary magazines, written over the course of the past ten or fifteen years. Though all are inspired, in one way or another, by my experiences becoming a doctor and then practicing medicine in Portland, Maine, all soon take off in fictional directions of their own.

Q: Who do you consider to be your influences?

How does the format of my manuscript affect the sales of my book?

So, you’ve written a book, and you’re rightly proud. You may even have gone so far as to cook up a cover design. But, as a self published author, you’re not done, yet! There are still many decisions you need to make. Font size, physical dimensions, and the way the words are aligned on the page are all important decisions you should consider before sending your book to print. Taking Shape The first and easiest decision for you to make is about your Read More …

About The Operators

BAM! Publishing Birmingham: Zach is the EBM Operator at Books-A-Million, Brookwood Village in Birmingham, Alabama.  In his spare time Zach loves to blog about books, play golf, drink coffee, and read (of course!). His favorite types of books are biography and history. He has been the EBM Operator in Birmingham since November 2014.      The Birmingham EBM (AKA Gladys) Began working at Books-A-Million in 2013 and is pictured here at her Grand Opening. She enjoys lots of attention, love, Read More …