First Quarter 2016 BAM! Publishing Bestsellers



  1. Why America Should Elect Donald Trump in 2016 – $12.99
    • We all know Trump the bombastic orator, Trump the tactician, Trump the amazing entrepreneur and businessman, and Trump the Machiavellian competitor, but where does he stand in the holy triad of Presidential qualities? This book directs your attention to the office of the presidency and this candidate’s qualifications in three critical presidential areas: that of the statesman, the diplomat, and the leader in order to answer the burning question Why America should elect Donald Trump in 2016.
    • Quarters on the List: 1
  2. Backpacking In Europe For The 21st Century – $14.99
    • Backpacking to Europe can be puzzling, especially if you are traveling on a tight budget. Before you purchase your flight tickets, pick up this entertaining and helpful manual. Two travelers recount the many lessons that they learned on their unforgettable first journey to Europe. With just 20 lessons, they transform the traditional traveler into the modern backpacker. They have done a masterful job of providing their readers with an updated task list for travel in the 21st century. This book is a perfect companion for a recent graduate, someone planning a bar trip, or any first time traveler going abroad. This book contains annotations in sections written specifically for student travelers, and also provides blank pages at the end of the book for travelers to keep their own travel notes and stories.
    • Quarters on the List: 1
  3. Indi and the Magic Ring – $17.99
    • Indi and The Magic Ring is a story about a cat who is “queen of the household”. The illustrations for the book are from the author’s son, Isaac, who had a love for drawing at an early age and when he was 8 years old began the drawings in this story of his humorous and clever cat “Indi Anna Jones.”
    • Quarters on the List: 1
  4. Hero – $16.99
    • The world is in need of a Hero! Sal never thought he would be extraordinary. He never thought he would ever be somebody. His life in Fairline, Alabama, was nothing more than just normal. But when suddenly gifted with supernatural abilities, Sal’s world changes forever. He must decide whether or not to use the powers gifted to him, and suffer the consequences that will result for his actions.
    • Quarters on the List: 2
  5. Ambassador for Peace – $18.95
    • This is the little-known story of how President Theodore Roosevelt used his persuasive mediation and diplomatic skills to end the Russo-Japanese War in 1905. Culminating in the Portsmouth Peace Treaty, this journey describes how Roosevelt’s unrelenting determination bridged the inflexible divide between Japan and Russia—two countries who could not muster the moral courage to embrace peace. The treaty fulfilled TR’s foreign policy vision of a global balance of power among the major international countries at the turn of the 20th century. Acclaimed worldwide as a peacemaker, he was recognized with the Nobel Peace Prize for his unique style of diplomacy of “speaking softly” rather than “carrying a big stick.”
    • Quarters on the List: 2


All five of these bestsellers are available through the Espresso Book Machine at Books-A-Million Brookwood Village in Birmingham, AL, or at For more information about these and other great titles available through the EBM, or if you are interested in publishing your own book please call: 205-870-0213 or email:



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