Second Quarter 2016 BAM! Publishing Bestsellers



  1. Fresh Faith by Anna Meade Harris – $15.00
    • Fresh Faith is a devotional book for students heading off to college. Written from a mother’s heart, the book serves as a “field guide” for students in their first semester at college as they experience life on their own for the first time. In the book, local Birmingham author and mom, Anna Meade Harris discusses topics such as time management, money, temptation, loneliness, homesickness, friendships, and much more! Fresh Faith is a great gift idea for all graduating High School Seniors!
    • Quarters on the List: 2
  2. The Subject  by Anne Bevill – $19.95
    • Set during the height of the Cold War, The Subject is a novel about sinister plots and murder. When Ph.D. candidate Sonny Colby unsuspectingly volunteers for an isolation chamber experiment, he and his wife Katie, a young art teacher, become entangled in a world of terrifying human experiments and powerful conspiracies. From the campus of the University of Alabama to Washington, D.C. and back to the Deep South, they struggle to escape from forces that could destroy both them and their families.
    • Quarters on the List: 1
  3. Miracles of God by Emily Persons McElhaney – $16.99
    • Miracles of God is a book of inspirational poetry. Our paths will grow brighter each day as we study, meditate on and obey God’s inerrant Word. The Bible is God’s instruction book for us, His creation, to fashion our lives by and live the abundant life Christ Jesus came to give us. What glorious fellowship is ours when we take time to sit at the feet of Jesus! What miracles He will reveal to our hungry, seeking, and needy hearts!
    • Quarters on the List: 2
  4. Returning to the Homeland by Georgia Williams-Fitzpatrick – $19.99
    • Georgia Williams-Fitzpatrick’s third book, Returning to the Homeland, depicts her life’s adventures and lessons learned while growing up. The book is centered on her years living and traveling in West Africa with the Peace Corps. Upon her return from Africa she came back with more than memories. During her time in Liberia, she adopted her daughter, Comfort. Her passion for Africa developed during her college years at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama.
    • Quarters on the List: 1
  5. Ambassador for Peace by Stanley Wien – $18.95
    • This is the little-known story of how President Theodore Roosevelt used his persuasive mediation and diplomatic skills to end the Russo-Japanese War in 1905. Culminating in the Portsmouth Peace Treaty, this journey describes how Roosevelt’s unrelenting determination bridged the inflexible divide between Japan and Russia—two countries who could not muster the moral courage to embrace peace. The treaty fulfilled TR’s foreign policy vision of a global balance of power among the major international countries at the turn of the 20th century. Acclaimed worldwide as a peacemaker, he was recognized with the Nobel Peace Prize for his unique style of diplomacy of “speaking softly” rather than “carrying a big stick.”
    • Quarters on the List: 3


All five of these bestsellers are available through the Espresso Book Machine at Books-A-Million Brookwood Village in Birmingham, AL, or at For more information about these and other great titles available through the EBM, or if you are interested in publishing your own book, please call: 205-870-0213 or email:

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